Beauty And The Beast Comparison

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Remakes have become prevalent this past decade. Beauty and the Beast is a classic story told down generations and tell the story of both the emotional and social challenges women face everyday. Their stories are similar, but it’s the small differences that truly change how the audience feels. The new Beauty and the Best expands on motives as well as backstory missing from the original and adds a modern twist to reflect the new age of empowerment for women.
The beginning of both movies start with the curse on the Beast, however the animated version fails to go in depth and helps the audience think of the Beast more as a victim than a deserving punishment. In the remake, more clarity was shown on his life before the curse. It’s harder to empathise for him. At first, many think he isn’t deserving of love at all. He is portrayed as a villain which seems crazy thinking that he would end up with a princess, but it only makes his progress through the story more meaningful as everyone learns why he acts this way and all the effort he puts into changing who he is once he finds someone whom he cares for.
No doubt that a large movement for women’s empowerment is spreading across the country. Henceforth, the story of Beauty and the Beast is modified to appeal to modern feminism. Belle is no longer a week and lonely bookworm. She became prosperous and independent. Just like her dad, she became an inventor. Her washing machine was ahead of time, and she even began teaching a young girl
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