Beauty And The Beast Of Advertisement

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Uniqueness and openness give people an identity, a sense of who one is. Women have always been victims of repression because men comfort themselves with the thought that women need looking after. Today, female oppression still exists, and is worse than ever, mostly because females have grown unaware of it - repression has grown as part of the women identity and is shaping the female gender in ways individuals can’t differentiate. The destruction of the female character has been silently shaped by men’s desires and the diminishing view of the female character.
Marilyn Frye and Jean Kilbourne, two American feminists, both focused their attention on the female role in today’s modern society. While Frye in her article “Oppression” revolts for
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Merits of her essay include her example of men opening doors for women, and metaphors that link oppression with birdcage social structures. “Men opening doors for women, birdcage-like social structures, and advertisement are highly tied to the meaning of oppression because they distract women from learning and from understanding the world around them, making them unfit members of society” (Frye, 2017). Females are chained to a false reality. In her careful analysis of oppression, Frye argues that members of oppressed groups commonly experience "double-binds," - they are daily faced with limited options to choose among (Frye, 2017, 2). These binds are created and shaped by forces and barriers which are neither accidental nor avoidable, but are systematically related to each other.
People fail to see oppression because they focus on particular issues. Marilyn Frye rather argues “You cannot see oppression just by looking at one bar in the cage, you have to look at the whole picture” (Frye, 2017). Only by taking a few steps back you can realize that oppression is in our homes and in our everyday lives. We live in a world of double standards. Each bar that conform the cage is an aspect by which women are silently caged. Media is one bar of the cage. Female oppression has since long been taken for granted. From males opening the doors to females, stating their incapability, to their imposed career of becoming beautiful house wives. Today, with advances in technology and

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