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Beauty and the Beast: Marie Le Prince de Beaumont story vs. Disney film In Europe, the 1700’s was a different time than present day America in which Marie Le Prince de Beaumont’s and Disney’s version of the text of Beauty and the Beast was written and made. To begin with, Europe in the 1700’s was very religion based, meaning that God always came first no matter the situation and has been a dominant thought in shaping the future for Europe. The order of priorities in that time in Europe was God, the Monarchy or royal family, and then comes the rest of a person’s priorities. A monarchy always has a royal family in which there is a king or queen, princes and princesses and they do little to no work while the poor did all the work. In preset…show more content…
American culture views Beast as not a man, but in Europe at the time the text was written, Beast was considered a man because of his wealth and royalty. Although Beast is ugly in the story because of the curse, Beast has many feminine characteristics from the American culture that he shows as he is weak, kind, considerate and also a bit desperate at times, but in Europe at the time considered this very masculine. If the Beast from the original story was put in the present American society though, then Beast would not be respected as a man whatsoever and would not succeed there. On the other hand, the Beast from Disney’s film of the Beauty and the Beast, defines how an American man should be but without all the hair he may have. Beast has all the classifications of a man with him strong, dominate, and a provider. Beast can also be considered kind-hearted because when the audience sees his bright blue eyes, they can tell he has good in his heart. The audience can tell the characters are almost exact opposites by how Beast treats Beauty or Belle (Disney movie version of Beauty) in the two texts. In the original story, Beast can be considered a sweetheart to Beauty because he carries a conversation all the time with her, compliments her, and wins her over as a good friend. Beast is also exceptionally patient with her, but also sounds

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