Beauty Between Beauty And Beauty

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Beauty has become a major topic in our society for quite some time. This has led it to become regarded as important and an ongoing issue. Beauty is depicted based on how it is perceived by a certain class, race, and gender. Eventually changing the definition of how beauty is viewed. Beauty however, has become more important to women as majority research focuses on gender difference and the experience of physical attractiveness (Poran 2002). Since the early centuries, there have been numerous attempts to try and adhere to those existing beauty notions (Patton 2002). Women, of course, would follow these beauty standards rigorously. Nevertheless, the constant changes in society have always changed the beauty norms that many find acceptable and unacceptable. Ultimately, this divided those who meet and don’t meet the specific beauty means. Society is not the only influence on how individuals or groups may view beauty. Media has had an influential role on how beauty becomes conceptualize. The overall portrayal and representation of the ideal image of beauty is solely based on the high power controllers within society. They are responsible for maintaining that aspect of dominance. But, also responsible for the distribution of how beauty should look. Body image, hair, and skin color are just a few categories that the media as well as society has analyzed to determine the ideal definition of beauty. White European beauty standards are highly worshiped in society. Those who are
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