Beauty Cabin By L's

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In today 's’ world women are bombarded with cosmetic products, only to emulate the celebrities promoting the products. Women are constantly criticizedcritizied, leading some women to feel completelycomplety atrocious of their physical appearance. This is where cosmetic companies promote their extravagant products, mainly to the low-self esteem women. There are many cosmetic companies out there, that are fighting to earn a spot on a woman 'swomens beauty cabin. However, L’Oreal really set themselves apart from the competition. Talk about customer appreciation, L’Oreal absolutelyabsolultly endeavours this aspect. That is why customers need to ask themselves if the product they are buying live up to their name, end if they actually going to need it. L’Oreal’s is very meticulousmeticuious when it comes to their commercial. Not only do they use supermodels such as Christy Turlington and Julia Roberts to get customers attention, but they developed precisely fabricated slogan. Consider L’Oreal’s famous slogan “Because We 're Worth It” this is the result of tremendous hours put forth just to manipulate the customer. This is absolutely a perfectly engineered slogan, and its sales speak for themselves if we take a step back and dig a little into L 'Oreal 's history will find that some of their products didn’t live up to their name. L 'Oreal 's “Telescopic” mascara and foundation are, a few products that came short in delivering their potential. I believe, therefore, that all L’Oreal

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