Beauty Ideals

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Beauty can be defined as a combination of qualities of a person or object that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning, or satisfaction and that are aesthetically pleasing to the senses. While we are told as young children that beauty lies within, in today’s world for many people, that is regretfully untrue. We live in a very superficial society where most everyone is judged by their physical appearance. We are forced to change our values and purely focus on our appearance in order to be accepted and feel wanted. In recent years, the desire to be “beautiful” has become an obsession for many, leading sometimes to devastating consequences. The pressure to be beautiful relates to women’s studies and feminism because as…show more content…
I believe that this is a big step for women and feminism because as women feel less and less suppressed by society and/or men, they have more of an opportunity to get their goals accomplished and set out to do things to make society a better place for everyone. The only thing I feel that is missing in this article is how women are feeling about other aspects of themselves besides just breast-size, whether it be appearance-wise or just in general. In order to overcome the confines of social pressure and the beauty myth, one must feel comfortable in most all aspects, not just one. I feel that although the article portrayed women and feminism in such a good light, it sort of skews people’s impressions since they are unaware of everything else and are only informed of the issues related to breast size. All in all, I really enjoyed reading this article and am very pleased with how things seem to be looking up in the society that we live in. It seems that we, as a whole, are overcoming social conventions set forth upon us, slowly but surely. As this is a gradual process and I am sure that it will take years and years to completely overcome (if that’s possible), it is refreshing to know that progress is indeed being
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