Beauty In Egyptian Art : The Bust Of Nefertiti

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Through the years of Egyptian art, many various pieces hold a great deal of significance and beauty to their names. One piece in particular, known as the Bust of Nefertiti, which was crafted by Thutmose, radiates beauty as well as demonstrates a number of characteristics and skills from Egyptian art. This portrait came about during the 18th dynasty around 1350-1335 BCE. The piece shows Nefertiti, who was a queen of Egypt, from the neck up. The Bust of Nefertiti was made to portray Akhenaten's wife as an elegant beauty with a soft facial expression, using curving contour accompanied by a few other methods to display these features.
The subject of the artwork is Nefertiti, who was the wife of Akhenaten. In addition to being a wife, Nefertiti was also a queen of Egypt. Nefertiti is posed in a very graceful stance. She looks very calm and put together. Due to the curvature of the very elongated neck, the Bust of Nefertiti is poised into a relaxed pose, while maintaining her eternal beauty at the same time. These features are also noticeable when moving the focus towards the eyes, which are slightly closed enough to see her eyelids in addition to her actual eyes. Her eyes are composed into a very natural state; they aren’t widened as if they are portraying a specific facial expression. Her entire face has a peaceful and very naturalistic look. Although often times portraits in Egypt were made to be exaggerated and never depicted what the person actually looked like, this piece
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