Beauty Industry Has A Big Impact On Females And Males

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Beauty can be conveyed using a multitude of factors. From the color of a person 's skin, to their eyes, to even their heart. There are beauty standards, but there are diversities between what 's the “official” standard and what individuals think is beautiful. Everyone see things in a different light and America 's beauty standards are no different. The beauty industry has a big impact on females and males. American’s perception of beauty is altered in many different ways based on the culture, skin color, and influences. The beauty industry has placed many standards of beauty on people that aren 't actually fair or true, and it is destroying the diversity of beauty. The beauty industry plays a major role in everything beauty related. Anything from the type of makeup there is to the ways they can make a person feel about themselves. The beauty industry has only grown since its start. The first entrepreneurs that developed the beauty industry were men. Recipes and remedies were apprehended from their wives that were used at home to make products and print books. “The relation of inner and outer beauty was a connection of trade in drugs and elixirs. Arsenic wafers, a moderate diet, frequent bathing, and exercise were often recommended” (Peiss 17). The make up or “elixirs” women manipulated made them appear as beautiful on the outside as they were assumed to be on the inside. In addition to taking care of oneself. There is no outer beauty if there isn’t any inner beauty. A
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