Beauty Is Good Essay

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Throughout history the ideal of beautiful has been difficult to achieve it has been shaped by social contexts. From in early age people have been surrounded by images and advertisement that reinforced that thin is beautiful and in order to be happy and successful one must be thin. Women are consistently given the message they are not pretty enough or thin enough. It is nearly impossible to open a magazine, shop at the mall or turn on the TV without being confronted with the message that to be fat is to be undesirable and unattractive. This has left us with a society full of girls with eating disorders, low confidence and depression.
“Miss Representation” is a documentary that is directed and produced by Jennifer Siebel. She discusses how advertising through networks such as Disney, CBS, Time Warner and NewsCorp are big influences on making women want to be something they are not. (Siebel Jennifer) The document exposes the pressure that many girls feel to be beautiful and how these pressures let to negative impact on them and in many cases have even lead to eating disorders. It also takes a look at the media’s impact on the American discourse of women’s bodies, women in power and the effect of internalization of being sold the same standards of what women should be, year after year.
The influence of the media on the proliferation of eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia nervosa cannot be physical proven. Buts statics and studies have found that exposure to mass…

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