Beauty Pageants Are Impacting Our Children

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Imagine seeing your little girl on stage prancing around in a bikini in front of all of your friends, family and even strangers. This is in fact happening everywhere. Parents are putting their children in skimpy outfits just so they can parade around on stage, hoping they could win an award. The issue with this is the fact that children are having their childhood taken away from the because they are learning to act like adults. Most of the time this is forceful and mainly done for the parents affection. People are then arguing about whether beauty pageants are negatively affecting our children. Some people claim that beauty pageants do not negatively affect our children but boosts their self esteem and confidence. However, beauty pageants definitely affect a child’s development negatively since it does in fact make children think that physical beauty is all that matters, takes away your childhood by making you pretend to be an adult and it can then lead to depression. The first reason competing in beauty pageants definitely affects a child’s development negatively is that it makes the children think that physical beauty is all that matters. Although some people argue that children do not pull that from beauty pageants. They say beauty pageants are harmless and help boost a child’s self esteem and confidence. It’s true that some children benefit from higher self esteem and confidence from winning other pageants. However, that is if you win the pageant. Which some children…
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