Beauty Pageants Can Take An Emotional Toll On Children And Teenagers

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In the world of beauty pageants many people find themselves entrapped in the expensiveness of the gown, the extravagance of the hairstyle, and how attractive the woman sporting all of this truly is. However, when entered into this arena at a young age, one where you are not fully developed and deep in adolescence, this presents a problem not all are aware of. Many people don’t understand the emotional stress that almost everyone that participates in pageants goes through. Women face various issues after everything has been said and done. A number of pageant contestants start at a relatively young age, some as young as infants, and grow up in this seemingly glamorous world of pageantry, from which they learn to present themselves in a specific way, giving some a false sense of character. As a whole, beauty pageants tend to have more of a degrading and potentially harmful effect on women and children. Beauty pageants can take an emotional toll on children and teenagers. A child, over time, can develop psychological problems by entering in beauty pageants. Most parents vicariously live through their child in the process. Although, some parents may disagree and state that their children love doing beauty pageants because of the glitz and glamour. However, psychologists argue against this. As psychiatrist Lee Cohen said, “A 3-year-old doesn 't have the understanding of what it takes to do this and the decisions they are making.” (Lorenzano). When children enter pageants at such a

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