Beauty Pageants Can Take An Emotional Toll On Children And Teenagers

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In the world of beauty pageants, many people find themselves entrapped in the expensiveness of the gown, the extravagance of the hairstyle, and how attractive the woman sporting all of this truly is. However, when entered into this arena at a young age, one where you are not fully developed and deep in adolescence, this presents a problem not all are aware of. Many people don’t understand the emotional stress that almost everyone that participates in pageants goes through. Women face various issues after everything has been said and done. A number of pageant contestants start at a relatively young age, some as young as infants, and grow up in this seemingly glamorous world of pageantry, from which they learn to present themselves in a…show more content…
Parents that make the decisions based off of their child, may not always choose the right choice. By putting a child through all of the dressing up, putting on makeup, and so forth, the child can do nothing but accept it and let it happen. According to a study by Anna Wonderlich, it has been determined that kids throughout their childhood have an increased body dissatisfaction and greater impulsive behaviors (Lorenzano). The increased body dissatisfaction can derive from the makeup, spray tans, and wigs that the children are used to wearing. Since they were so used to looking glamorous for the majority of their childhood, they almost never want to look any different from the way they did at pageants. They developed an idea in their head that in order to be successful and win, they must always look and be perfect (Lorenzano). In younger children, their behavior can become more impulsive. Since they are always pressured to win, they develop a tendency to act upon things that are not to their satisfaction or when they do not win. According to Dr. Georgia Witkin, children have trouble understanding the judgement process because throughout their childhood they want to try something new, be thrown into situations that they feel completely insecure about, and open themselves to criticism and (in their minds) ridicule (Lorenzano). Young girls
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