Beauty Pageants Exploit Women By Not Concentrating On The Beauty

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Beauty pageants exploit women by not concentrating on the beauty within which adds to the high cost of participation and forces the participants to change their outward appearance to fit the stereotype of "beauty".
I. Introduction
A. A beauty pageant is a contest for young women in which their beauty, individual potentials, and talents are judged.
1. In our country, beauty pageants, or competitions, have been going on for more than a hundred years.
B. Participants can be as young as six year olds up to young women who are at least twenty seven years old.
1. The participants cannot be married or pregnant.
C. If a participant wins, she is usually prized with cash or scholarships.
1. For higher end pageants, such as Miss USA or Miss Universe, the winning participant receives a one year contract to represent their company.
a) Some of its extras includes luxury places, riches, and events.
II. When it comes to beauty pageants, focusing on the beauty within is the last thing on everyone’s mind.
A. Women that attend a beauty pageant have the chance to sell themselves on stage.
B. According to The Most Beautiful Girl in the World: Beauty Pageants and National Identity, the talent and interview portion of any beauty pageant “serve as the architecture for the construction of the contemporary ideal female subject” (Banet-Weiser 88).
1. Numerous people would care less on the talent and interview portion, because people would judge the participants on their looks and not their
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