Beauty Pageants : Harmful Effects On Young Girls

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Child beauty pageants are part of a fast growing industry worldwide, with over 250,000 children participating every year. These “beauty” pageants focus on judging young girls aged 2 to 17, based on perceived outer beauty, talent, and poise. Beauty pageants can have harmful effects on young girls as they can act as the foundation for physical, psychological, and emotional issues. A number of parents praise these beauty pageants for the “positive” outcomes they believe they have on their daughters. On the opposing side, there are also a number of people who seek to ban such pageants. The basis for their opposition lies in the potential psychological damage the events may have such as bulimia and anorexia. Those who do not agree with such exploitation even cite the harmful effects of hairspray as a reason for pageants to be banned. Suffering, emotional distress, and other harmful effects of such pageants are causing more destruction than positivity. One can argue that child beauty pageants may have a positive effect on children. According to child beauty pageant parent, Phylis Jones, these contests are a way to help children develop social attitudes. “When she was young, she was really, really shy. I wanted her to develop her own type of personality,” said Jones of her daughter. Anysha Panesar was nearly 10 years old she was bullied until she stopped attending school (Anysha Panesar). “Beauty pageants gave me the courage to take on the people who picked on me,” said Panesar.
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