Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned

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Throughout human history society has oppressed women by expecting them to look and act a certain way. Beauty contest extend back into greek mythology when Eris began the Trojan war with a prize for the most beautiful. In medieval Europe, festivities chose men and women to represent royalty. Beauty pageants did not begin in the United States until 1826, when each state chose young women to appear at welcoming celebrations after an elder Lafayette returned succesfuly to the United States. Beauty pageants should be banned because of the negative aspects that they cause to children such as parent pressure which can lead to body image issues and eating disorders. Most pageants will allow children to participate as soon as they can sit…show more content…
It is awful because “ these contests are primarily fuelled by adult fantasies of power and beauty… parents [are] failing to differentiate between their own desires or needs and those of their child” ( Meredith 2). It is absolutely disgusting that people think that it is acceptable to objectify women a certain way. By doing this we as a society are teaching young beautiful girls that they are not good or pretty enough, but we are also teaching them that everything in life is based upon one’s appearance. An example of how pageants steal childhoods is Brooke Breedwell, who is a former pageant star. She said “pageants left her with stress, anxiety, and the feeling that she needed to be perfect all the time”( Lindsey 2). Children do not naturally grow up have these worries, these feelings are something that gradually take over their life, and build up until they become troubled and emotionally distraught. There is already a lot of pressure from the media and society to look a certain way, and beauty pageants, especially for young children competing, can greatly damage their self esteem and self worth. Almost all parents make their daughters wear makeup, fake eyelashes, fake teeth, get spray tans, etc… and by doing this parents are demonstrating to their children that physical appearance is what is important. It is not only horrifying that some mothers make their children look like a barbie doll, but devastating that they think that their own child is not
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