Beauty Pageants : The Beauty Pageant Essay

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Know The Real Beauty Pageant

“Nine out of ten girls in pageants ages 14 to 16 suffered from suicidal tendencies or depression” (Child beauty pageant). A beauty pageant is a competition judged mainly on four events to determine the winner: Modeling sportswear, evening wear, physical beauty, talent, and personal interviews. Beauty pageants originally can be traced to the first Miss America Pageant, which was held in 1921. Miss Universe and Miss USA soon followed, by the 1960’s, beauty pageants were firmly entrenched in American culture. “Beauty pageants normally start at six months to 18 years of age. Statistics show that about 5,000 child beauty pageants are held every year and about 250,000 child contestants participate” (Child beauty pageant). Not all pageants cater to just girls, most pageants provide scholarships, the Miss America beauty pageant has provided over 45 million dollars in scholarships. Although opponents claim beauty pageants boost children’s self esteem and confidence, they reinforce the idea that a woman should be valued for her physical appearance, the action pageant moms are cruel and borderline abusive, they promote an unrealistic expectation of beauty.
Beauty pageants are more than just a competition. Although women believe that you have to have the perfect body like celebrities, the perfect face structures, skinny body, perky lips, and the height. In “Pageants promote self-development” it explains every child should be themselves “the purpose of

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