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A lot of people would say that beauty pageants are common and popular these days, and that they have become ideal grounds for showcasing beauty and talent. Event organizers are beginning to focus on generating beauty competitions because of the increasing popularity of beauty pageants. Woman have such a desire to win the crown, and receive the medal that they are joining these pageants, however, at present, child pageants are on the rise. This research paper is to inform Annette Hill, the director of Universal Royalty Beauty Pageants, the advantages of child beauty pageants as well as the benefits of having an age limit set to them. Founded in 1995, Annette Hill started Universal Royalty® “wanting a pageant to be a positive learning experience for contestants to learn competition, positive self-confidence & striving to be the very best.” (Universal Royalty® Miss Texas Child, Baby, Teen Beauty Pageants) She believes in an organized and professional competition. Annette was a former child pageant competitor, and also had her daughters participate. She enforces family values by making a dad competition, which includes the fathers in the competition as well. Universal Royalty Beauty Pageant has become a top of the line brand and a complete success nationwide. It has been featured on the TLC Toddlers & Tiaras, MTV Television, Good Morning America, Dr. Phil Show, Access Hollywood, Parenting Magazine, Univision and many more. Annette Hill plans to continue to maintain a

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