Beauty Pageants : The Negative Effects Of Beauty Pageants

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Have you ever wondered what happens in the life of girls after entering beauty pagents and what are the effects that they go throught? Beauty pageants are competitions in which entrants, usually women, are judged as to physical beauty and sometimes personality and talent. According to a report released [Women’s New on January 24, 2016, 2.5] million girls participate in 100,000 beauty pageants each year in the US. [ Women’s News ] After an indept investigation of these pageants I discovered that 70% move foward in beauty pageants, 30% of girls stop there, and about 40% of girls that continue have went to succesfull beauty pageants such as Miss America, Miss Universe, ect. For this investigation I went on to research the negative effects of…show more content…
Competitions can display adult body dissatisfaction in their later years, and that it is also possible for them to suffer from various eating disorders [Psychologist Martina Cartwright]. Pageant moms want the best for their children, however they put a lot of pressure on their kids to win and it winds up making the kid stressed, they are also selfish and dont look at the overall picture, most pageant moms live out their childhood dream by forcing their children to compete in these competitions without them wanting to do it. These kinds of mothers do not mind spending a lot of money on makeup, outfits, and training if necessary. The mothers can become quite obsessed with perfecting their child; these children are being overly pushed, enduring long hours of practice , some even traveling long distance for the competitions, sometimes resulting in parents lying about their children's age. The child becomes exploited and the stage mom becomes an opposing example of the aggressive behavior that is confronted throughout the pageants [ Kareen Nussbaum]. The multiple hours they spend rehearsing can cause sleep disorder and also preparing for the pageants can lead to bad sleeping habbits which may deepen depression. Expecting to win and not winning could cause depression, which can become chronic the more pageans they compete in, by making them feel like they have to be perfect. Entrance into

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