Beauty Pageants: Why They Are Good for Children

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Beauty Pageants: Why they are good for children Beauty Pageants have a positive impact on children because they will boost children’s self-esteem up. Ms Ng Siau Hwei, a senior psychologist from departments of pediatrics at National University Hospital in Singapore says, “Getting involved with dressing and make-up may be a novel experience for kids and showing their talents in front of a crowd can boost their confidence” (Yap 1). By children being able to express their talents in front of a group of people dressed up and have their make-up done in pageants will boost a child’s self-esteem because they are able to be themselves. Now a days one cannot be themselves without being judged because it is not the “style”, being able to express…show more content…
By doing that, the child, teenager, or adult will have experience in speaking in front of people which will help them in the long run. Rita Panahi, writer of article Wise Up, Girls, Stupidity Is Never a Good Look, said, “Let’s be frank, beauty pageants are, funnily enough, all about beauty and nothing else” (5). This is so wrong because beauty pageants are not just about beauty, a lot of them are actually about question, talents, and speaking. By people saying that beauty pageants are only about beauty, it puts a bad reputation on beauty pageants. Beauty pageants are not bad at all, they actually help children more than school when it comes to speaking out in front of people. In school, more than likely, they know almost more than half the people they are talking too, but in beauty pageants, they more than likely only know the people they brought with them, so out of the hundreds of people, they probably only know 5 people. By that being said, beauty pageants do help children with their social skills. The last reason as to why child beauty pageants have a positive impact on children is because they can earn scholarship money to the college of their choice. For example, a 15 year-old, Nicola Dalryimple, former winner of Trinidad and Tobago Pageant, received a $5,000 scholarship to a college of her choice (“Trinidad and Tobago” 1-2). The many people who say that beauty pageants are nothing but beauty
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