Beauty Ugliness Or Beauty

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Ugliness or Beauty
1. “She thinks ‘They are ugly. They are weeds’” (Morrison 48) -A few lines before, Pecola is wondering why people think that Dandelions are weeds and ugly, when they are so pretty. She then wonders maybe because “there are so many, strong, and soon” (Morrison 47), and I think that these Dandelions are connected to black people during this time. Both groups are made up of many strong people who are beautiful in their own ways. However, just as the white people only take the leaves of the Dandelions and throw the pretty part away, they do the same with the colored people, they use them to do jobs that they don’t want and still look down upon them. When Pecola goes to the candy store and buys her Mary Janes, the white cashier is disgusted when he touches her hand, and after this, she thinks she is ugly for some reason. She is confused at why she is ugly, and becomes angered at the Dandelions, which are just like her.

2. “Pretty eyes. Pretty blue eyes… Alice-and-Jerry-blue-storybook-eyes” (Morrison 46). -Over and over again Pecola has talked about blue eyes. She thinks about having them all the time, and she even prayed for them. The blue eyes are a reoccurring motif of color thorough the book. The symbol represents the beautiful person that she wants to be, and if she ever got those pretty blue eyes, then she could call herself beautiful. The antithesis of this symbol is the Dandelion, which also is seen throughout the book. It is used to represent
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