Beauty Vs American Beauty Standards Essay

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Society’s ideals of beauty differs throughout the world. The American and South Korean standards of beauty are vastly different which is interesting to compare. I was intrigued by this topic because of many Korean shows that I watch and I’ve realized a major difference in fashion and beauty between these two cultures. American and South Koreans follow different trends, and undergo plastic surgeries but they are often influenced by the same source which is the media. In America, it is considered beautiful to have a sun-kissed skin tone. People frequently get spray tans or apply bronzer because being tan is often associated with having fun at the beach or at vacation (Lin, 2017). In terms of makeup, Americans tend to create more dramatic looks by applying false lashes and doing heavy contouring and highlighting. In recent years, Americans developed an obsession over fuller lips and bigger breasts and butts due to the media. Plastic surgery is very prominent, however, it is mostly used for breast augmentation, buttock augmentation, liposuction which is a technique to remove excess fat under the skin and…show more content…
Young girls are constantly exposed to unattainable beauty standards which lowers their self-esteem and can cause eating disorders (Davis, n.d.). People form a preconceived notion of beauty simply by admiring their favourite celebrities on social media, magazines or in movies. The hidden truth is that not everything shown in the media is real. In the Korean entertainment industry, people strive to look more Western by having paler skin and bigger eyes because of the Western-dominated media. Korean artists are usually responsible for promoting the beauty trends and standards and the public tends to conform instantly (Park, 2017). In recent years, the media has improved greatly by showing more diversity in body image and ethnicity. This allows young girls to be more confident about their own
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