Beauty Vs Brains : Women 's Suffrage

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Diana Gil Bueno March 1st, 2016 English 110 Beauty vs Brains In the last 100 years since the woman’s suffrage movement took off, the United States has made tremendous changes toward gender equality. In that time, this country has gone from fighting for women’s right to vote to having a female candidate being a frontrunner in the race for the White House. Although women have made great strides in trying to attain equal and fair treatment, women are sadly still valued more for their appearance rather than their intellect in comparison to their male counterparts. This starts off at infancy through the toys we are given as we grow up. Boys are given toys such as Legos, Tonka trucks, and superhero action figures. Theses toys are centered around creativeness and safeguarding such as building a house from scratch, or saving the poor damsel in distress. The ads for these toys feature only boys recklessly running around or dabbling their curiosity, as well as valuing competition and control. Simultaneously, girls are given Barbies, makeup, kitchen sets, and baby dolls. While boy toys encourage boys to use their imaginations and to role play their dream jobs; such as doctors, police officers, CIA agents, etc. girl toys continually and increasingly enforce the housewife role for women and convey how the ideal woman must look. In the YouTube video, “Toy ads and Learning Gender”, creator and host of Feminist Frequency, BA in Communication, and MA in social and political thought,
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