Beauty and the Geek

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Watching television is one of usually pastimes for people, especially watching reality television. According to the Oxford dictionary reality television is a “television programs in which real people are continuously filmed, designed to be entertaining rather than informative” (Oxford). Beauty and the Geek pairs together "Geeks" (socially inelegant nerd breeds) and "Beauties" (beautiful women handpicked for depicting bimbos), who then take on challenges. Each week one couple is forced to leave the house and the last remaining couple wins $250,000 in prizes. Along the way the geeks are renovated, and the beauties learn various things about geek culture. Beauty and the geek amplifies a negative stereotype of men and women enforced by pairing smart, nerdy men with women focused on looks. By asking the women carefully selected questions, they are made to look ditzy enforcing the negative stereotype. Before the beauties were chosen for the show they were interviewed, taped and further asked a few uncomplicated questions but to them were quite complex for they looked confused and puzzled after being questioned. Sim Ahmed talks about when the producers were scouting for beauties, they looked for several things: Gorgeous women that were “preened and ready to take center stage, but ask their opinion on politics, the solution to a mathematical equation, or how to reboot a hard drive and they’ll be stumped" (Ahmed). Nadia Underwood was asked in her interview, “what weighs more? A
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