Essay on Beauty of Giselle and the Beast of Lebron

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The Beast of Lebron and the Beauty of Giselle
It has always been quoted from time to time that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, what we see is not always necessarily beauty but sometimes just an individual perspective of the viewer’s sense of the images they see. You see all of these different types of mainstream media that heavily influence and criticize our culture so negatively by the creators and executives who sometimes put there spin on the way we see and view things. Advertisements, movies, internet, radio and TV are sometimes with their images convey hate, racism, and inequality. For example, take Gisele a world’s top model, and a NBA star athlete Lebron James and you put them on the front cover of Vogue’s April 2008
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A good deal of racist propaganda has rested on those images, and they’re a deeply ingrained part of our cultural history. That’s why this Vogue cover, which plays on racist facial expression and imagery, is troubling and that just because you don’t see racism of this stereotype of black males; it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. Lebron James is one of the most famous sports stars alive, and his image and endorsement are worth tens of millions of dollars a year. He’s got a carefully-maintained public persona as a squeaky clean, family-friendly, playful person, and his substantial personal interests as well as the interest of his top-tier agents and PR team, as well as the interest of several large multinational corporations with whom he has long term endorsement deals that are all centered on maintaining that image. When looking at this cover, it is LeBron who grabs your attention. On the Contrary, Gisele is a mere after thought; a beautiful after thought, but an after thought nonetheless.
Similarly, Giselle a world’s top model has a facial expression that is calm, refreshing, and pleasant. Gisele looks elated with her partner, not terrified despite Lebron’s exaggerated snarl. Some feel it plays to the stereotypes about the dangerous criminal minded black man and his desire
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