Beauty vs. Brain

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[Beauty vs Brain!] * In today's world, the packing is more important that the content. The cover of the book is more important the book itself. The cast of the movie attracts the audiences to theatres than the storyline. Just like that, when you meet a human being, the very first thing that you notice is the way he looks. It's very natural, nothing wrong about that. More often than not, a person's talent is ignored just because he/she happens to look .. well, plain. Be it in the professional or the personal life, a man / woman needs to have a good personality to climb that ladder of success. Or not? Why do you need to look beautiful to be successful? Except of course in the glam-world of movies/modelling. It is raw talent and your…show more content…
* If all you have is beauty, you are forever the helpless victim. You will be used in the work place, and at home. You will not have the brains to get out of any problems you might have. You will be ever dependant on the next guy that comes along and wants your beauty for something. And if you really lack brains, you will be too stupid to know or care that you are being used. And that is sad. Beauty is expensive to achieve and maintain[plastic surgery, make up, permanent hair removal, tattooing like to give someone permanent eyeliner, and on and on]. If you have brains, you will be able to make enough money to do all of the beauty things to become or stay beautiful. * I would have to choose brains. Of course, beauty can be a factor of social life (if you want to attract someone to you), though what other uses does beauty have? I say nothing else. * With the brains, you open yourself to many doors of futures coming your way. If you choose the doors that lead to much usage of mathematics, you can bake or design buildings and objects. If you open the door to rhetoric, you can use it to convince other people to make a difference in society. By opening the doors that lead to science, you could possibly discover a cure to a deadly and common disease or cancer. Each door of the mind reveals a way to make life better for yourself, your companions, plus people you do not know yet are still there. You merely have to decide
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