Beautyism in the Workplace

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Running head: BEAUTYISM IN THE WORKPLACE Beautyism in the Workplace Answer 1 Beautyism is the tendency to favor and give preference to those individuals who are more attractive (Cash, 1990). In other words, the term beautyism means that preference is given to individuals with attractive personality while unattractive people having same caliber and skills are avoided and ignored. Many studies have proved that physical attractiveness plays a significant role in the hiring process. Applicants who are perceived to be attractive are given better ratings compare to those who are not very attractive. Despite the fact that in many cases the candidate is equally qualified and sometimes even more qualified than the attractive candidate (Cash, Gillen, & Burns, 1977). As a result, attractive applicants are hired more often compare to the candidates with average looks and personality (Marlowe et. al., 1996). The difference is not limited to hiring and selection but it also affects the pay scale as attractive employees are hired at high salary compared to the unattractive employees. Furthermore, this is not the end; even after the hiring, attractive employees are sought more by the co-workers for training and new project assignments as compare to the unattractive counterparts. This is how the attractive individuals enjoy the benefits of their beauty and unattractive people suffer from unjust hardships of ugliness. They are given less preference, less rewards, de-motivated by

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