Beauvoir 's Feminist Beliefs : Simone De Beauvoir

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Beauvoir’s Feminist Beliefs
(An educational analysis of Simone de Beauvoir 's feminist beliefs) Simone de Beauvoir is to this day one of the key central figures in the women’s rights movement. She inspired people all over the world. Although she may not be the extreme feminist that people believe her to be. Beauvoir said many times that she naturally didn’t believe that women were inferior to men, but she also didn’t believe that they were naturally equal either. Beauvoir wrote the book The Second Sex which holds many of her opinions towards feminism and is what many believe started the feminist movement. Many may think that Beauvoir was an extreme feminist trying to get women into every aspect of the world that men are in, but in reality she just wanted to see women appreciated better in life. She didn’t want to see society and the world mistreat women. With Beauvoir’s book The Second Sex she became “one of the most preeminent French existentialist philosophers and writers” (Mussett). Furthermore, Beauvoir’s main source of injustice towards women are society, the world, and overall how they were expected to be in that time period (Post World War II). One of the main injustices towards women that Beauvoir points out is society as a whole. Beauvoir believed that “socialist development and class struggle were needed to solve society 's problems, not a women 's movement” but agreed to join the feminist cause in the 1960s (Napikoski). Whereas, Beauvoir mainly believed
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