Because I Could Not Stop Death By Emily Dickinson

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The poem “Because I Could Not Stop Death” by Emily Dickinson is one of my favorite poems since high school. I chose this poem due to the fact that that Emily Dickinson is one of my favorite poets, I personally love her dark, and mysterious poems. Indeed, people believed she was a little messed up in the head, but I believe she was just misunderstood. Additionally, this poem definitely brought back terrifying memories. When couple years ago, I got into a horrible car accident with a drunk driver, the accident was so traumatizing that I recall seeing my life flash before my eyes, it was like my soul was retracing my steps. In this poem, Emily is in a carriage riding around familiar places that she was been to since she was a young child, which to me it sounds like she was retracing her steps. It does represent a personal value due the fact that I believe life is short and one really never knows when it is there time to go. Of course, this poem is inspiration in my opinion. I can not imagine how long it took to write it due to the fact that the amount of illustration giving in this poem is so vivid, this poem is literally is playing in my head like a movie while I read it. Not only is this poem inspirational, but all of Emily Dickinson 's poems are inspirational. As a matter of fact, this poem does validate emotion, to the reader and the author. It is definitely not positive emotions unless Emily found death to be her escape, as a reader reading this poem I find it very
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