Because I Could Not Stop For Death Essay

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Not everyone talks about death, but Emily Dickinson does. In Dickinson’s poem,
“Because I Could Not Stop for Death” death is approached as a an easy topic to talk about.
Dickinson does this by using literary elements. Literary devices make it easier for an author to imply the deeper meaning into the work. Adding depth to the work makes the reader think about what the author wants to imply past the surface level of the work. In Emily Dickinson’s poem she uses personification, symbolism, and alliteration to add depth.
Emily Dickinson uses personification as a tool to add depth to her poem, “ Because I
Could Not Stop for Death”. Personification is a when the author uses characteristics of a living object to describe something that is non-living.
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She then uses the “Gazing Grain” to represent her adulthood. Another symbol she uses is the “setting sun” which represents the aging of her life. All these symbols lead up to the major theme of the poem which is death. Dickinson persistently gives deeper meaning to little objects in this poem, and that is why symbolism plays such a big role. Though symbolism is used throughout this poem, so is alliteration.
In Dickinson’s poem, “Because I Could Not Stop for Death” alliteration is used the most often out of all the literary devices. Alliteration is the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of neighboring or closely connected words. To name a few, in line 10, Dickinson says, “At Recess-- in the Ring”. Also in line 7 she says, “My labor and my leisure too”.
Alliteration occurs again in line 11 when Dickinson says, “Gazing Grain--”. One last example is in line 23 when Dickinson says, “Horses’ Heads”. The previous quotes are important instances when Dickinson uses alliteration. Alliteration is an important literary device to use because it focusing the readers’ attention on a certain area of the text. When Emily Dickinson uses this device her main goal is to have the reader look more in depth as to why she chose those
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