Becky Crain: Poem Analysis

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I, Becky Crain, submit this statement of call in hopes that it will convey my devotion to God, the gifts given to me by the Holy Spirit, and the fruits that follow my unending faith in Christ, my Savior. An additional purpose of this statement of call is to allow my continuation in the candidacy process toward ordination in the order of deacon within the United Methodist Church.
As pertains to devotion, I have known God since my birth. I was raised at the Forbes United Methodist Church in Proctor, MN and continued to utilize the United Methodist Church as my central point of worship even after relocating to the Iron Range. Despite instances in my life when hope was clouded with bleak and even severe melancholy, God remained with me as my constant friend and confidant. The loss of loved ones and relationships, the loss of a lucrative career, and the loss of an unborn child proved to be among my darkest moments; moments where my faith was stretched beyond recognition. Through lament and prayer, my faith proved to be stronger in the long run despite these moments.
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Even though I heard whispers of my call in my early twenties, I had disregarded any thoughts of seminary as passing notions or fleeting whims. I worked various positions prior to my medical career for the simple purpose of funding my education. However, one thing remained constant. Children. Even as a child myself, I was always volunteering for children’s activities within the church, from nursery attendant to VBS crafts, Sunday school teacher to Education Committee member. Jobs which did not consist of interaction with youth, left me craving a connection. Even as my medical career began, I found myself volunteering at the local YMCA as a soccer coach. Looking back at my gifts and passions, it finally became clear to me that God was calling me to youth
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