Become A Candy Striper : The American Bureau Of Labor Statistics

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Loridee Fernandez Professor Swanson Write for English 17 November 2014 Become a Candy Striper According the the American Bureau of Labor Statistics, “...over 4.9 million Americans volunteered their time in a hospital or health-related organization [in 2011]” (Kendrick, “Sector Spotlight: Volunteer Management in Hospitals”). All those volunteers, also called Candy Stripers, made a positive change in their medical community and I was extremely honored to be one of those individuals. The ill stricken, misfortunate and even hospital staff need as much assistance as possible according to my experience. I encourage college students to take action and become hospital volunteers. When becoming a hospital volunteer, an individual will be able to assist nurses, support patients both physically and psychologically, provide funds to your local hospital and gain knowledge on how to serve the community positively in the future. Nurses work day and night to maintain the health of their sickly patients. The opportunity to assist these nurses is beneficial to the medical community. Fatigue sets in as nurses work “ten- or twelve-hour shifts” (GEIS, “Disadvantages of a Nursing Career”). The extra help is required to maintain quality medical care for patients thus positively enhancing the medical community. Concerning those interested college students becoming volunteers, a vast amount of nurse assisting tasks are available. Cleaning patients’ tables, serving lunch trays, and organizing
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