Becoming A Call Into The Ministry

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When I first decided to enter college in 2014, I felt that it was where God was directing me. I have never considered the call into the ministry. It’s only during this course that I now understand the meaning of such a call. Our textbook has certainly given me a clear picture of such a call. In a previous devotional discussion forum, I stated; “I have not set any expectations. I understand the expectations of some people that I know and meet along the way. Those closest to me have their expectations as well. On the other hand, I have my own expectations and they are not grandiose at all. They are simple in that I only want to meet the expectations set before me in following Jesus Christ. I do not know where that may lead me, but I was called to follow our Lord, and I will follow him.” To that point I believe that all Christians are called as stated in the Bible. (cf. Mk.16:15). From all of the forums that I have read, it seems as if I may not have been called into the ministry as a vocation to preach. The question is do I believe that I am qualified to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ? I believe that if that is God’s will, then I would follow that call. I was striving to learn about the Bible in an academic pursuit at a Christian based college. I can only follow the Lord as I am lead. This pursuit, has me now pushing further is not without doubts. Although I have learned a great deal, which was my intention; I feel as though I am missing something.
I have learned how…

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