Becoming A Chiropractor Since My Junior Year Of High School

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When I first started this assignment, I had no idea who or what to interview. As I put more thought into it and looked at my options, I saw an unbeatable opportunity to do my paper on. I have been interested in becoming a chiropractor since my junior year of high school. Although I have never been to a chiropractor before, I began doing research on the profession when my rural town got its first chiropractor. According to, the definition of a chiropractor is “a health professional focused on the diagnosis and treatment neuromuscular disorders, with an emphasis on treatment though manual adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine (Yeomans).” With this being said, it is evident that becoming a chiropractor is not a simple task. A chiropractor is a doctor, not a physician “who can prescribe over the table drugs” but a doctor of the spine. There are only a hand full of schools in continental North America in which one can attend to obtain a chiropractic doctorate. Furthermore, there are only 17 schools in American and a mere two in Canada. Since there is not a large demographic of people who are chasing a chiropractic doctorate and only a few schools to choose from, tuition is often times too expensive for the majority of people. However, those that can afford the schooling may be shocked to find that it is structured in trimesters rather than semesters. Each trimester is around 12 to 13 weeks long and depending on the school you attend, either 10 or 12…

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