Becoming A College Career With My Career

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To be honest, I was quite apprehensive about taking this course. I knew that it was only there to help me, however, I didn’t know what exactly I needed help with. By no means did I think that I knew everything, but I did think that there wasn’t much that I could do and i had to work with what I had. However, to my surprise, there were many things that I had overlooked about myself and what I could do to find more direction in my future career. There was much support and guidance as to what I could do to seek a post-college career with my major. My major is something that I never quite figured out what I wanted to do with, through the help of Humanities Fellows, I have learned that I have gained many skills from the classes that I have taken that has helped me prepare for work beyond college. First of all, as an International Studies major, my major requires me to take classes that have greatly enhanced my analytical and interpretation skills. In many International Studies classes, the are many instances where you are simply presented with information and asked to interpret what this information means and how it will affect the future. In addition, since most of my classes have many required readings, I also have refined my skills with time management and scheduling in order to complete all of my tasks. Furthermore, through my additional experience with language and linguistic classes, I have gotten immense practice with communication and presentation skills. Although I have
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