Becoming A Collegiate Choral Director

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Choosing a career in life can be a long and troubling process. But to truly enjoy life, one needs to have a career that means something to them. My career that I have chosen is to be a collegiate choral director. The three main points to familiarize the reader of this position are as follows: education needed for occupation, annual salaries of different positions, and the duties of the position. It is one thing to be a teacher, but it is nearly shooting for the stars to aspire to be a professor. Music means so much to me, and to be able to profess that passion of mine is my goal in life. For many years I was told that I could go far in life if I chose to go down music, and I plan on taking my opportunity and running with it. To become a…show more content…
Music professors are regarded as some of the best musicians in the world, and to make it in the world, one needs to prove that they deserve the position that they desire. And that goes for anything in life. Another aspect of teaching is the ever evolving realm of technology. For some, it can be a source of entertainment. “Research has shown that technology is a great tool for learning.”(Directors of Note 9) Examples include the testing of rhythms and tonal memory. Lastly but not least, just because someone finished a doctorate degree in college, that does not mean the learning is over. Every year, a professor is going to either meet new students, or to work with returning students. Either way, the teaching experience will be new and refreshing each year. The lasting impact on one’s students by the time they end their college education will be a positive life changing experience that they will never forget. Next, let’s delve into the salaries of the different teaching positions and the opportunities outside of teaching in college. The first fact of the matter, and easily the most important, is that money is not the most important aspect of career (although it really helps). I would much rather be doing something with my life that I enjoy rather than some dead beat job, like working in a factory or office. The lifetime experience that will
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