Becoming A Community Oriented Police Administration

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Chief Mangan approached the task of coming into a new department with an eye for making positive changes but the understanding that change is not always easy. What struck me most about the incoming Chief’s approach was the willingness to involve the people who were already a part of the department. As mentioned above change is not always welcomed, change often leaves the ones being changed feeling slighted or judged as being substandard in some way. Especially in cases such as Chief Mangan’s, where the new boss is coming in from an outside agency, the tone and approach to change is paramount to future success. Being an “idea man” with a willingness to allow leaders of all levels to step up and actually lead made for a smoother transition …show more content…

His approach at acquiring these improvements is where the genius lies, the community. Chief Mangan chose to bring the issues he saw as standing in the way of a better department to the people themselves through literally hundreds of community meetings in that first year as Chief. These meetings also served to touch on the second dimension of the COP focus which is the strategic dimension. By conducting these meetings the community and the department can be assured that the strategic direction of the department is focused on enacting policies, programs and resource allocation which will be consistent with the needs of the community and the challenges faced by this particular department. I have been the leader of several community outreach meetings in my area of responsibility in South Memphis. These meetings can become contentious but are also a great opportunity to get a feel for the community and what is important to them. I am sure the new Chief faced a harsh response for the first dozen or more meetings asking for the community to foot the bill for police improvements but as he kept at it surely a respect was established. The people feel that the “top cop” is approachable and receptive to their ideas and the Chief is aware of their expectations for the police force. After establishing support from the community and making the necessary changes to better morale the Chief turned towards the department culture itself in the second year. This is the

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