Becoming A Dentist With A Dental Office

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ith a weary face and sweaty palms, I walked into the gloomy dental offices as a yearly ritual. The intimidating environment of the office made me feel knots in my stomach. As a child I never enjoyed visiting dentists because I was convinced that these humans were merciless people who could not care less if I was in pain. Ironically, the lifetime career I seek for now is the career I disliked before. The decision to become a dentist developed when I had the desire to give children a better experience and a different perspective on professionals of this field. From my experience, the dentists were not gentle and did not give me time to collect myself before pulling a tooth out. Orthodontics is a profession that I am pursuing since I have consistently desired to work in a healthcare career that enables me to help people by using my interest and talents in hand motor and communication skills. I strive for perfection and work patiently, as well as diligently, which will help me throughout this profession. There are skills that I need to obtain such as shadowing or volunteering in a dental office, which is also part of the educational preparation needed for dental school. All of these talents combined are essential for a typical day in dentistry in which I need to create a safe and comfortable environment for the excessive amounts of patients daily Dentistry is a mixture of art and science. It is also one way to help people relieve pain. Although in the past I despised going to

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