Becoming A Diesel Mechanic Is Not An Easy Task

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My mission statement for myself is very simple. I will finish my college degree and my next associate 's degree at Vincennes University. While I am college, I am going to be working part time. While working, I will be saving money each month and putting that money into a saving account. When I am a couple months from graduating, I will begin looking for job near my hometown. I would prefer to work in a diesel technician shop in Jackson County, Indiana. I then will use my savings to make a down payment on a house for my wife and I. We will then start working on the family, the vehicles, and the toys we want in life. I will then finish working on my goals that I have not finished yet.
My definition of success is working towards your own goals and achieving those goals. Time does not matter as long as you achieve those goals.
Becoming a diesel mechanic is not an easy task. Most employers look for a degree in diesel mechanics. Some colleges offer an associate’s degree in diesel repair. I found myself in college at Vincennes University. Once I graduate, I will never be done with training. Every day on the job could be another training experience.
I have many passions in my life. Some are trucks, cars, atvs also known as four-wheelers, hunting, guns, building motors, and racing. I have been around all these things all my life and I will never get away from any of them. My father brought me into most these passions when I was very young and I have never been able to get away from…
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