Becoming A Doctor For The Medical Field

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Ever since I was six years old, I already knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. Although I excel more in Mathematics, I always find the field of Science, specifically Biology and Anatomy and Physiology, extremely interesting and informing. Perhaps, it is due to the idea that these subjects require a huge amount of memorizing, which I personally enjoy doing. Also, I appreciate its challenging nature, and the fact that the information it has keeps changing and improving everytime. However, I did not know the specific field that I plan to specialized on until my junior year in high school where I started working at my local library to assist children. I noticed that I certainly enjoyed working with children, which made me think that combining that skill and my passion for becoming a doctor would be the best fit for me. Thus, a career as a general pediatrician is what I chose to pursue. As stated by, General Pediatricians are physicians or a specific career in medicine that provide quality healthcare to children. They are not only responsible for the children’s health, but also to their patients ages eighteen and below, which includes infants, adolescents and young adults. As general pediatricians, they have the job to help their patients prevent diseases and injuries, diagnose and treat them incase of infectious illnesses. Additionally, according to Botswick, as professionals who work with children, general pediatricians have to be
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