Becoming A Doctoral Program At Concordia University

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Entering a doctoral program at Concordia University with a background in leadership and organizational development, I felt fairly confident that I would be able to successfully define what it means to serve as a leader. Early in my studies, I recall proudly examining my bookshelves as I perused titles such as, The Art of War, How to The Articulate Executive, In Search of Excellence, Leadership Brand, and Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done. This sense of pride was short lived, as I discovered through my studies that most of these titles, and countless others in my library, offered complicated and often opposing perspectives on what it means to serve as a leader. The majority of these works focus primarily on a myriad of skills and techniques that the leader may employ in order for them or their business to succeed. As a result of this haze, would be leaders are often left wondering why they are not successful while pursuing these approaches. The answer to these lack luster results is quite simple. The typical leadership perspective has been consumed by focusing on the leaders success rather than on the success of those they lead. Old paradigms of leadership represented by authoritarian (Brown, 2013) styles of management which seek advantage through the collection of resources, power, and information have proven to be ineffective and have distracted many from the basic need of a leader to serve others. This paper will describe leadership from the lens of

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