Becoming A Family Nurse Practitioner

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As I consider why I have chosen to pursue a doctorate degree in nursing and

become a family nurse practitioner, I think about why I have chosen nursing. Before

nursing school, nursing was something I did not understand all to correctly. I had this

misconception that nursing was a female only field, which consisted of nursing personnel

who had blindly followed the command of the medical doctor. After I graduated in

biology, I realized that I wanted to actually apply knowledge that is learned into the

clinical setting; so I decided to do some shadowing with different healthcare

professionals before making a commitment. I had mainly shadowed medical doctors in

the beginning but their careers did not attract me. Their involvement with the patient was

very minimal and I noticed several of them wanted to quickly prescribe their medicine

and leave the room. It was not until one day I met a nurse practitioner who had opened

my eyes and attracted me to the nursing field. I noticed how methodical she was in

treating and advocating for the patient. She taught me that medicine was not the solution

to everything. I agreed with her view that medicine was only one aspect of care that was

involved in caring for a patient. She told me that proper education and early prevention

was key in helping patients. From their, I started doing research in nursing and saw how

heavily involved nurses were in affecting patient outcomes. I decided to enroll in nursing…
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