Becoming A Fashion Retail Buyer Essay

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Career Research Paper Growing up my thoughts and decisions constantly have changed from one to another. I never can really stay to a plan for so long without changing my mind. However, what I have found that has kept me grounded and staying on course is fashion design and retail. I am able to express myself through this medium and eventually I plan on becoming a fashion retail buyer myself. Also, I want to be involved in promoting campaigns and advertisements for the newest trends. One of the many highlights of this job is being able to travel to different states and even countries to attend trade fairs as well as visit certain suppliers. As a retail buyer, the buyer is responsible for selecting products up to date with trends and to sell them in retail shops. To become a fashion buyer one must attain a 2-4 year college degree. Along with this, when attending college a student should major in either business, marketing, or merchandising. Although internships are not required, except for certain particular business classes or programs, interning could possibly benefit someone to achieve the highest potential in their job. While training a person needs to learn the knowledge of fashion, retail, and economics. I would imagine that one must have first hand experience in retail, which I would assume helps the person train for the job. The company’s I seek interest in are higher-end boutiques because I would be able to sell good quality clothes for a higher price. In cogent
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