Becoming A Feedback Focused Leader

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Becoming a Feedback-Focused Leader
Becoming a Feedback-Focused Leader 4

Running head: Becoming a Feedback-Focused Leader

Becoming a Feedback-Focused Leader:
Why Leaders Must Excel at Giving and Receiving Feedback
MBA 510-Managament Skills Portfolio
Ben Elbert
Ohio Dominican University
August 27, 2015

Whether a leader defines success as career progression, sphere of influence, or the continual improvement of their management skills, there is one singular fact that all leaders must grasp in order to be effective and impactful: they have to become great providers and receivers of feedback. To grow in one?s ability to give and receive feedback, one ought to begin with learning to receive feedback well by recognizing
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(Stone and Heen, 2014, p. 109) of the feedback they have received. Becoming an effective leader requires hard work, passion, and the mastery of human relation skills that make the providing and receiving of feedback easier and more meaningful. The road to receiving feedback well is a continuous highway whose only mile-markers are the progress beyond being beholden to the three triggers identified in Stone?s and Heen?s article, Difficult Conversations 2.0. Truth triggers are an emotional response where the recipient chooses to ?focus on what 's wrong with the feedback? (Stone and Heen, 2014, p. 72). This decision to reject feedback simply because part of it is incorrect?or perceived to be incorrect?prohibits a person from evaluating the fit of the feedback and acting on the applicable, useful parts. Overcoming an evocation of a truth trigger requires the receiver to ?dig under the label? (Stone and Heen, 2014, p. 72) and seek more concrete and definitive examples to better understand the feedback. Per Stone and Heen (2014), a relationship trigger comes about when the recipient focuses on who is delivering the feedback rather than what is being said. The relationship trigger tends to arise when the receiver believes the giver either does not have the proper level of insight to give the feedback or they distrust the motives and authority of the deliverer (Stone and Heen, 2014, p. 73).
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