Becoming A Forensic Scientist

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The hot ,humid air swirled through the house . You could see the people having their own festivities outside on the street & children playing on the “dirty playground” as my little brother called it . It was the seventh month of 2013 , that's when it happened it . The perfect world and the many hopeful possibilities that I had created in my head had crumbled around me .The floor had been snatched from under me and the walls had fallen in or so that's how it felt . “ I am not her father “ , reading that text made me realize the man that I had come to know , love and cherish as a father was no longer my father. How could this be I was just like him , the only difference was that I am lighter . I was in awe I felt so betrayed reading the text between both my mother and “father” stating that I was not his biological child , and I know he wasn't lying. It had been proven by…show more content…
No one loved me how they had claimed had and I know longer trust anyone. Then it dawned on me that the struggles I have faced cannot determine where I end up in life or how my life ends . My struggles could not stop what I have aspired to be all my life . The dream I had since I was seven to be a Forensic Scientist, I had to preserve , I had to show my “parents and the world the talents and intelligence that I posses , an anyone whom no longer wants to be apart of my life would be missing out on something great. I will be something without or with Ellis Emile Bruce and he would have wished he’d never given up on such a beautiful talented young woman. Albany University taking me in a student would mean they would gain a very hard working , confident young woman whom has the ability to persevere through great challenges. The confidence that I have instilled in me would allow me to confidently persevere through whatever may be thrown at me as a college student. My hardworking attitude will allow me also to excel in all my challenges
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