Becoming A Foster Parent Essay

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Why to be a foster parent. There was a girl, she was about 12 years old. She lived with her mother and her four year old sister. Every day her mother would do drugs and not care for her children. She would beat the oldest one about every day. And turn her baby sister against her. Until one day a lady came into her home and took them from their mother. It was sad at first but as the years passes, the little girl got happier and happier. But finally they got split up because of some racist foster parents. There is approximately 428,000 children in foster care in the U.S alone. They need a stable and loving environment to take care of these children. I believe that being a foster parent would be good, but some might argue that.
Being a foster
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You are giving them a home.Even though some children come from abusive homes, some may have lost their parents, and some come off the streets. But in each situation, they are going to need love and affection.
Another pro of becoming a foster parent is monetary compensation. For one thing money should never be the reason you become a foster parent, It is always good to have some extra money in the house. But don't use the money all for yourself because some of it is for the child. But don't spend it all on the child because it is for the house to. Once a year children get what is called a vulture for school or the change of season or for if you grow out of your clothes. It is about $500 or less. That helps out alot if you have only one parent in the home. And live on minimum wage.
And the third and final pro i'm going to talk about is you will never be alone. You will always have help on the way. The children have what is called a caseworker. He or she will come to visit with your child once a month to see how your child is doing. And see if you need anything.You dont have to take them to appointments because the caseworker will do that for you if you need help, or if you are at work and cant make
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