Becoming A Graduate Degree At The Ohio State University

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People have a hard time figuring out what they were meant to do in life, leading to numerous jobs before they settle on one. Sometimes these struggles to find what they are meant to do, lead people to completely changing career fields. I believed that my purpose in life, as I entered college, was to help lead the young people of today. While finishing up my bachelors degree in Elementary and Middle Childhood Studies at The Ohio State University, I knew that I wanted to continue my education and obtain a masters degree. Throughout my entire undergrad, I spent time as a varsity football assistant coach. That feeling of wanting to lead along with my coaching experience influenced me to pursue a graduate degree through a program deeply rooted in leadership.
With the amount of broken homes and divorce rate at an all time high, kids do not look to their parents for guidance anymore, instead they look at celebrities. Younger generations have always been easily influenced by what they see in society. If they see someone popular on tv doing something or wearing something, they have to do their best to mimic it. Nowadays the things that our young people are seeing are leading to negative consequences in their life. They make choices based on what they see instead of the values that their parents should have been teaching them. Once those choices do not workout, those same kids look for someone to blame because they have never been held accountable for their choices before. Being in a

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