Becoming A Helper : Reflection On Self Awareness And Cultural Competence

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Becoming a Helper: A Reflection on Self Awareness and Cultural Competence
In early elementary school, I would go into people’s desks, break their pencils, and then find a glue stick and tape, put them back together, and put them back in their desk. Now, you must be thinking, what kind of horrible child does something so intentionally mean? However, that’s the thing. My intentions were always good because I was trying to help people. I wasn’t thinking “oh I want to break their pencils,” but rather “I want to fix their pencils, but they need to be broken in order for me to do so.” The Helping Trait
Since I was three years old, I’ve known I wanted to help people. In fact, I’ve always had my heart set on being a doctor. It wasn’t until two years ago that I realized nursing was actually right for me. When people ask me why, I often struggle how to put it into words, but deep down I believe it is because nursing is a profession that focuses less on the science behind the disease, and more about the science of caring. The nurses are the ones who are always there next to the patient’s bedside, providing comfort, love, and compassion. A nurse knows their patients inside and out. Especially when it comes to children, nurses know what the patient’s favorite toy is, or what their favorite popsicle flavor is. Nurses have huge hearts. They prioritize everyone else’s happiness and needs above their own. They are truly angels in human form. Nurses give a piece of themselves to their…
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