Becoming A High School Teacher

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For my career, I chose to pursue becoming a high school teacher. Upon researching this occupation and finding a lot of helpful information, this was the best fit for my personal goals, interests, and overall career options that I chose to research. High school teaching involves a lot of interaction and helping other people, mainly young people. As I am a child at heart and admittedly immature, becoming a high school teacher was a perfect fit. My values as a person involve helping and teaching is the best help a person can give. I will start by finishing my schooling at JCTC to acquire an associate in arts and then transferring to Western Kentucky University where I will finish by getting a degree in English. This should take close to 4…show more content…
Student teaching usually lasts in between 14 to 16 weeks (a full semester) and you are paired with the same teacher throughout the experience. Giving a good amount of time to become acclimated with the idea of teaching in front of the classroom and giving the person a good amount of experience before teaching on their own or searching for a stable job. Before I will be able to even think about student teaching, I will have to get through JCTC and finish transferring to WKU. The requirements for transferring to WKU are as follows: minimum GPA of 2.0 unweighted, 24 credit hours, and be in good standing at the institution (JCTC) from which they are transferring. One of these fits one of my SMART goals in which I want to graduate with a 3.5 or higher. Which is achievable if I put my stubbornness (which can be a negative and a positive) to good use. Some personal traits of mine are usually like that: trade-offs. Traits can be either negative or positive depending on the situation I am in. One major flaw I have is discouragement. I tend to put myself down and make myself think that I won’t be good enough, even when someone else states I did well. This and teaching won’t necessary go together since you are responsible for your student’s achievements, or in this case, failures. If I had an administrator telling me I was doing something wrong while teaching I would beat myself down about it. I could get pass this flaw by letting
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