Becoming A Hit Man

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In the movie Freedom Writers directed by Richard LaGravenese, Freshmen teacher Mrs. Greul is able to neutralized a racially corrupt student body by simply writing in a diary type of journal, making the students realize the world they live in and the actions they do outside of school reflect the person they article Becoming a Hit Man By Ken Levi, he reflects the motivations of becoming a hit man and what draws sick individuals to becoming one and also shares the difference of an innocent accidental killer and one that purposely calls he or she its job. Both movie and article express the idea of being somewhat ruthless to human beings. In Freedom Writers, people are so racist it is almost inhuman to see a student body let alone a community kill others and a drive by being a norm in Long beach.…show more content…
Gruels unlikely method of teaching these students helps them neutralize there actions by being able to relate to the students and what they deal with and the students actually writing out what happens in there daily life and reflect on there own actions. By doing that surprisingly to the students it made them gain so much respect towards Mrs. Gruel despite the fact that the School District disagreed with her teaching methods, the students of her class started to change and become better people. In Becoming a Hit man, there really wasn't a change in the actual “Hit Man” there motivation to killing innocent people was money. But, the only thing that neutralized the killers was them becoming mentally depressed and feeling guilty after killing there first victim. Like Pete said in the article “Ill never forget the look of the my first victim, he gave the look like Why Me?” Furthermore this seemed to mess up the actual hit man more than it gave them more motivation to kill another
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