Becoming A Knight Was A Long And Difficult Process

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Becoming a knight was a long and difficult process. a person to become a knight would start training as a child somewhere near 7 years of age. Knights in training had to learn things like sword techniques, protection and bravery. The first rules taught in early childhood where things such as rules and basic education which were usually taught at home. Then from 7 to 14 they would be given the role of Medieval page, this page was the duty of waiting at a table, care for the kings clothes and help them when dressing. The page also meant they would act like servants of the castle and being given or recognised as receiving the page meant getting a uniform which would vary in coulor and pattern due to age. A medieval squire was like a servant to a knight. The role of being a squire was the next step to becoming a true knight and was very important. The purpose/duties of becoming a squire were to learn from the knights, for example they learned things such as Chivalry, the rules of Heraldry, horsemanship and proper use of weapons and skills of a knight. They also had to become involved in other castle trainings such as jousting and music. Finally after a long period of time through the teaching and practices of becoming a Knight, there training would be complete and celebrated at a ceremony. The ceremony consisted of the now coming knight being dubbed with these words “Arise, sir Knight” This marked their final step to KnightHood.
Knights didn’t wear normal clothing as everyone
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